Last Updated: Sunday, July 26, 2015

Why Not Ditch the Idea of Building a Freelance Writer Website

reasons to build a freelance writer website
Whether you are an experienced or a newbie freelance writer, you should build your own writer website to boost your writing career.

Eh? I thought it's not mandatory to have one?

Yes, it isn't. I thought so, too.

But after more than three years of freelance writing experience, I regretted not to build a writer website early on.

For three plus years, I have wasted time and let the following advantages slipped right through my fingers:

It helps you build your brand.

Writing is business, and as a writer, your name is your brand.

Though my surname is that of a famous politician in our country, Philippines, that didn't help me to make the name Lem Enrile known in the writing or blogging sphere.

Only my mum and current clients know that I am... ehem... a brilliant writer. But aside from them, NO one else knows me.

How am I supposed to make myself known if I don't make myself known? Alas! I decided to rise from the shadows and started creating this freelance writer website.

If you are eager to have more clients like me, you should build your online presence and show to the whole world how capable of a writer you are with a freelance writer website. It's like your office space, only online.

When you build your online presence, you are making a statement for yourself; you differentiate yourself from other people who are also offering the same services as you.

Clients will be able to find you.

I've been sending countless applications while scouring the job boards. I've been pitching some website owners and keep on offering them my writing services. How tiring would that be?

Wouldn't it be better if your potential clients will reach out to you instead? But this wouldn't happen if you don't give them the means to contact you.

Here's a short story. I asked one of my freelance writer colleagues on how he gets clients. He told me that he got his first client unexpectedly from his almost dead writer website.

Even though he hadn't done a lot of marketing for his writer website yet, he managed to have a new client. What more if he keeps marketing his website? How many clients would he have?

Meet potential client's demands of showing them a website or blog.

If you are looking for new clients through freelance job boards, you'll notice that most of their requirements is to send them a link of your website or blog.

If you don't have any, then don't bother applying to them - that's what they said. Even if you have sent them your best clips, they still won't budge replying to your application.

That job ad has the rates you ever wanted but you instantly lose that chance of getting hired because you haven't met the client's top requirements. Do you feel me? But all you can do is weep in the corner of your room full of regret.

Showcase your best written works.

Of course, for every writer website, you need to include your writing portfolio, so that clients will know whether you are a perfect fit for their project or not.

Since your website is readily seen by clients online, you would be obliged to compile and include the best of your previous written works.

No more picking and sending wrong content samples from your erratic PC files to your potential client's email.

I just remembered that I totally turned off a potential client with my writing sample. I was quite confident that I would be hired, but the client replied to my application and said, "Sorry, writing sample doesn't meet our expectations. Good luck to your future endeavor."

I checked my sent sample and I was dismayed. I had attached and sent an unedited and incomplete draft. No wonder why the client didn't hire me. I picked the wrong file from my sea of unorganized articles.

I wish I have known this technique of unsending an email sooner.

Meet and network with other professionals.

For a long time, I've played the role of a lone wolf. I never deem the importance of networking with other writers. But my eyes were opened after reading several articles about building your professional network.

I have learned that you can leverage your freelance writing business if you network with your writer colleagues and other professionals. You can actually land new clients through earning referrals from them.

If you haven't have a professional network yet, you can start creating one through your writer website. Even answering to simple questions or comments left by your readers can lead to building a powerful community.

Do you have other reasons on why building a freelance writer website is necessary? Let me know what you think in the comment box below.


  1. I have a freelance writer website blog but they not yet to approve on adsense. I think i can have a money from adsense but the regist is so make confuse hoho

    1. I hope that your AdSense application will be approved. I have also applied for AdSense in my previous blog, but it was immediately rejected since my old blog has barely any posts. But good luck to you!