Last Updated: Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 Reasons Why Your Company Website Should Blog

why should your company blog
Are you tired of the countless emails you received from freelance writers and digital marketing agencies telling you that you should start a blog for your company website?

You keep ignoring them...thinking that having a blog is just a waste of your money, effort and time.

But do you ever wonder why those people keep on nagging you to start a blog? If you couldn't fathom the reasons why, let me help you out.

1. It increases your company website's visibility.

If your company website suffers from poor search engine traffic, its impact to your business could be very dire. You won't get enough leads, and you'll only have minimal sales. But this situation could be turned around if you create a company blog.

With a blog, you could have a lot of your webpages be indexed by search engines for up to 434%. This only means that you're upping your website's chances of being seen and visited by more people.

Want to know how much percentage would your website traffic increase for creating a blog? It's a whopping 55%.

2. It helps your business generate more leads.

What are your ways of generating leads for your products and services? Is it through ads or social media?

Whichever method, you can also obtain more leads by having a company blog. In fact, 69% of businesses agreed that blogging is the best method for lead generation.

Does that statistic make you in doubt? How could be blogging a great tool when people are too lazy to read?

Well, consumers don't dislike reading at all. Based on statistics, 61% of US consumers make a purchase after they have read a blog post.

3. It makes consumers learn to trust your brand.

What do you share to your consumers when you blog? It's your expertise.

But is your expertise shown when you just build a website for your company? And have all your products and services listed? It's an obvious no.

To let your target consumers know that you are the leader and the expert in the field, you need to say it out loud through blogging.

Even reports show that blog content is more trusted by people than ads. Why is that? It's because people find more value in blogs.

With all these fantastic benefits for your business, would you still scoff the idea of creating a blog for your company website?