Last Updated: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

5 Types of Content People Would Like to Read on Your Business Blog

types of blog content
Starting a business blog is very exciting, yet sometimes, it makes your mind go blank. It's exciting because business blogging offers you a lot of benefits. Traffic... leads... conversions... and even new connections.

However, that excitement can be killed, especially if you don't know what to write in your blog. You rattled your brain for hours, and you've ended up writing a boring wiki-like content.

Though it is a "business" blog, you can bid your farewell to too formal content. We are already in the 21st century, and your readers would like it better if you let your tie a little bit loose. 

When writing posts for your business blog, keep in mind that readers want something explosive, entertaining and valuable to them.

So as to help you not to be in a daze when writing for your blog, here are types of blog content that most people would want to read about:

1. How-tos

As its name implies, how-to types of content are basically instructional guides on how to do something step by step. With a how-to type of post, you're clearly telling the readers that you know your game.


How to Treat Mosquito Bites - This blog post is from a pest control company, and they have done a marvelous way to emphasize the importance of their pest control services through citing the dangers of mosquito bites and how to treat them.

2. Success stories

Success stories are awe-inspiring posts that touch the heart of the people. People like to read other people's inspirational stories because it makes them feel more positive and confident about themselves.


Salon Success Strategies - If you want to let all the people know how amazing your product is, you may do so by writing a success story of one of your clients - just like this post from an email marketing company. Not only they have delivered an awe-inspiring post, but they have also creatively injected a bit of marketing strategy in this wonderful blog.

3. Infographics

If you're not yet familiar with infographics (but I'm sure you've already seen them), they are simply graphical presentations of information, hence the name infographics. Based on a study, infographics are more viral than other types of content.


Responsive Website Design - What is it? [INFOGRAPHIC] - This post is from an internet marketing company, and they have done a great job explaining a technical topic to their readers by making their content an infographic.

4. Listicles

Listicles are easy, readable content in numbered or bulleted format. They are a great way to include bits of information without the fluff. With listicles, you're also giving your readers the chance to scan your article whether they are worth reading or not.


7 Summer Settings Dog Owners Should Avoid - See how listicles also worked for a veterinary clinic. Just by scanning their blog post in a listicle format, pet owners would already know how to take care of their dog during the summer season.

5. Videos

Though some (or most) of your web visitors prefer reading, videos or motion pictures have their own appeal. If you want to imbibe the curiosity of your web visitors, provide amusement, and build trust, creating video content is a great option.


Hairstyles: 3 Ways to Style Your Bangs Part 1 - Though pictures could also do the trick of showing how ladies could style their hair, a video demonstrating how to do it would be even better. Thumb up for this beauty advice website for crafting a short video.

There are so many other types of content that you could write for your business blog. Depending on your topic, choose the most appropriate content format that you think would be best appreciated by your readers.