Last Updated: Sunday, October 18, 2015

When All of Your Blog Ideas Run Dry, Just Use Facebook

get blog ideas from facebook

Peeking at your Facebook account (or any social media account) from time to time while writing a piece will definitely affect your work productivity.

Based on a report, social media networks are among the 60% of work interruptions, and a lost hour of productivity can amount to a loss of $10,375 per worker annually. Having this as one of the reasons, most employers prohibit their employees to use social media while at work.

The temptation of using Facebook is especially high when you are a homebased worker like me. There's no one looking at you, so you tend to become carefree; hence, getting little work done.

Nevertheless, using Facebook while working isn't all that bad. If you are a blogger or a content writer like me, you can use Facebook as one of your best productivity tools especially when you are running out of blog ideas.

To get blog ideas from Facebook, consider the following tips:

1. Check your news feed and eagerly scroll down.

There might be a lot of drama in your Facebook news feed coming from your friends, but despite that, there will always be something newsworthy that can spark your interest and awaken your writer self. It might be an inspiring status update posted by your favorite Facebook page, or public figure.

2. Join and visit Facebook groups that are related to your blog niche.

If you are already a member of any Facebook groups, perhaps it's time to pay them a visit. After all, Facebook groups are mostly filled with rich discussions started by several members. Who knows? Their queries might be your next awesome blog post for the day!

3. Follow authority figures who talk about your niche.

Perhaps you are already following two or more authority figures in your Facebook account. See what they post in their status updates, and generate blog ideas based from what they share. Do you agree with them? Or do you have a different view? No matter what your answer is, it will always be a good topic for your  blog provided that you are able to weave matters right.

4. Find Facebook's most trending topic using its Trending tool.

Facebook has a Trending tool that appears on the right side of your news feed. It shows all the hottest topics that are being talked about by your friends and people from your network. To show trending topics that only cater to your interest, you can customize your Facebook Trending tool

See? Using Facebook at work isn't always your enemy. As long as you know how to use social media right, you can be more productive and hit your writing goals for the day.