Last Updated: Thursday, October 29, 2015

How to Convert a PDF to a Word Document Even Without Adobe Acrobat

The Portable Document Format, or simply PDF, has gained popularity to several people mainly because this file format can preserve the "look" of a document. Compared to a Word file, it doesn't guarantee that you'll have the same document layout when viewed in a different platform.

Like one time, I submitted a well-formatted e-book to a client in a DOC format. But when my client opened the document, he told me that the images of my written e-book were all over the place, so he asked me to fix it again. Since the only problem was the "moving" of images, I solved it by converting the Word document to a PDF.

Though a PDF is obviously superior than a Word document when it comes to preserving the file layout, there will still be plenty of time that you'll need Word.

For example, your boss at work sent you a file and told you to do something with it, like add something or edit the document. But holy cow, it's in PDF! How will you edit an uneditable document? Don't panic just yet. You can convert the PDF to a Word document using the following tool: Nitro's Free PDF to Word Converter. Yep. Even without an Adobe Acrobat installed in your PC, it is still possible to convert a PDF to Word. Just see the following instructions:

1. Go to

2. Make sure that the "from" is set as "PDF" and the "to" as "Word."

3. Click the "Select your file" button, and browse through your folder the PDF you want to convert in Word.

4. Type in a valid email address (because the converted file will be sent via email).

5. Click the "Convert Now" button and you will receive your Word document in your email in no more than a minute.