Last Updated: Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Where to Grab Free Yet High Quality Images for Your Blog

free stock photos

Blogging involves a lot of tasks, not only writing your piece. There is researching... writing... uploading your work... and my most hated part - looking for images to go with my blog posts. I'm not quite fond of it because it takes me an hour (or more than that) to find "relevant" and "high quality" images. And yea, I'm not subscribed to any stock photography websites, cos I like living a frugal life.

Though there's Google, we just couldn't grab anyone's photos because we could be held liable for image copyright infringement. Even if you credited the owner of the image, if you didn't really ask his or her permission, you'll be in trouble.

So what's the best thing to do? Have a one-year subscription at Shutterstock or other stock photography websites? No, not really. You could still have your high quality images for free through the following:

1. Pixabay

This is my favorite source of free images. Pixabay has more than 540,000 high quality photos and you would love their "No Attribution Required" policy. Yes, no more image-crediting hassles. You could also modify the images as you please. The only thing I don't like about Pixabay is that you have to complete its Captcha process before you are able to download the pictures. But if you would sign-up and log-in into their website, you won't have to undergo the Captcha process anymore.

2. Flickr

When I couldn't find my desired images on Pixabay (which rarely happens), I go to Flickr's Creative Commons section where you could download and use images of Flickr users provided that you credit them. If you want to use images which are not under the Creative commons section, then you have to add them in your cart.

3. Pexels

A recent discovery of mine. Pexels is just like Pixabay. There's no need for you to credit the owners of the images. However, as of this writing, Pexels only hosts more than 4,500 free stock photos on their site - which is very little compared to Pixabay's 540k plus images. But then, I'm hoping that this site will grow because they have an easier way of downloading the images - no Captcha involved. If Pexels grew to be an awesome stock photography website, I will definitely say goodbye to Pixabay.

How about you? Where do you usually get photos for your blog?