Last Updated: Thursday, January 14, 2016

How to Increase Your Website's Traffic on Facebook Even Without Creating Your Own Group or Page

increase web traffic on facebook

Social media has become an important tool for every website owner since it helps boost web traffic. And among the big favorites in the countless number of social media networks is Facebook. With more than a billion of active users, you are somewhat guaranteed to have a great deal of audience for your website. As such, creating designated Facebook groups and pages for websites is turned into a fundamental chore.

But is it really necessary to build your own group or page just to receive some link and traffic love from Facebook? No, it isn't. Even without one, there are still some ways on how you can use Facebook effectively to drive traffic to your website such as the following.

1. Search for relevant Facebook groups to join.

For example, your business website has something to do with digital antennas. What kind of Facebook groups will you search and join? Of course, it will be about digital antennas, right? However, I'm sure that digital antenna groups on Facebook are only a few. And if you ever find one, I bet that the members there are digital antenna sellers yourself. Do you think that they will buy digital antennas from you? The things that they already have?

Do not be disappointed yet, as there are still other relevant Facebook groups to join - if you just think out of the box. Firstly, ask yourself who might be interested with your product. Secondly, think of the place where you could find them.

Since you are selling digital antennas, some of the relevant Facebook groups that you can join are home and leisure groups where you can find TV and movie enthusiasts; technology groups since digital antennas are also a tech trend; shopping and product review groups, and many more. 

2. Share blog post links along with a short caption.

After joining relevant Facebook groups, it's time to share your website's blog links. You can also share links of your web copies if it doesn't violate any rules of the group. Usually, most groups prohibit advertorial posts. So to gently promote your website and drive traffic on it, sharing blog post links is more acceptable.

When sharing your blog posts, do not just copy and paste its URL, then post it in the group. It will only look like a spammy post. To increase the clicks and views of your blog post, add a short and catchy caption along with the URL. If you can't think of a great caption, grab a quote or excerpt from your blog post and use it as your caption instead.

3. Promote your website by helping other group members.

Let's go back to the digital antenna example. You joined a home and leisure group where TV and movie enthusiasts dwell. Now, a member posted a question in the group, asking for help about his poor TV reception. This is where you come in. Help him solve his problem and answer his question. Perhaps you already have a blog post that's related to his problem? Then don't hesitate to share the blog link to support your answer.

If you keep on helping other group members, you will eventually become a well-known and respected group member. Since you are actively promoting your web links in the group, whenever some of the group members encounter problems related to digital antennas, they will ask for your assistance, or they will go visit your website to find possible answers to their problems.

4. Share your blog post and tag group members.

This method may be a bit more direct since you are tagging group members. If you are sharing your blog post in the group, tag some group members who might be interested reading your post. And remember not to randomly tag people as this can possibly annoy them. Only tag group members whom you have already talked with. Through tagging, you're assured to have a little audience on your post since it will appear on the notification feed of the tagged member.

But is it possible to tag people who are not in your friend list? Yes, as long as you are a member of the same group, you can tag all of the group members.

By being active in a few Facebook groups, you can build your brand and drive traffic to your website. This is not an easy way of boosting web traffic since it also requires of your time and effort. But compared to managing your own Facebook group or page, these methods are not that stressful.