Last Updated: Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Why Working From Home Is Not As Easy As You Think

disadvantages of working from home

I started working from home more than three years ago since I find 9-5 jobs too tiring. I wanted to escape the hassle of commuting to my work place and I am not really a fan of waking up too early. 
I discovered that you can also work online, so I get into freelance web content writing. I am very happy that I could work from home now; however, I realized that working from home is as hard as a 9-5 office job because...

1. You cannot avoid the noise. I picked the quietest spot in my home to work on, and I made it as soundproof as possible. But since I'm living in the city, most homes are only a centimeter apart and the walls are thin. I hear the loud talks of my neighbors, the barking of the dogs, the crying of the babies, and the shouting of the street vendors. Compared to your noisy officemates, you cannot actually tell your neighbors or the dogs to keep it down. Nevertheless, I have remedied this problem through wearing headphones and playing the sound that I like.
2. Your attention is divided between work and home chores. I am not yet married and I do not have a child, so obviously, I have less distractions compared to a work-at-home mom or dad. But there are times that I want to do home chores first before anything else, so I end up cleaning the house in almost an entire day. There's little time left to write before I end up sleeping on my bed. I know this isn't good, so I tried to discipline myself more. Today, I treat my work like I would do at a 9-5 office job. I set a strict schedule of my freelance work, and I won't do any home chores unless it's my free time.
3. The people around you think that you are always free. Whenever I say to people that I work from home, they get really envious since I am able to control the hours of my work. And since they know that I only work at home, my friend neighbors will always come knocking and calling at your door to let them in because they want Wi-Fi and a place to hang out. I cannot simply drive them away because that would be rude. But alas! I have been distracted more than enough, so I told them clearly that I cannot be disturbed at particular times of day.
4. Your parents always tell you to get a real job. My parents do not actually like the idea of me working from home and working as a freelance web content writer since I am a nursing graduate and a Registered Nurse. I believe that a nurse doesn't only have to work in clinics and hospitals. You could still be a health advocate through writing and that's what I am doing.
5. You are not financially secured. Even seasoned freelance web content writers have their down days. Sometimes, they have several clients, and sometimes, they have none. Even if I do not have a steady client base at times, I am still able to manage my finances well by being frugal and doing other moonlight jobs.


Though I find working from home as hard as a 9-5 office job, for an introvert like me, working from home is paradise. I get more sleep and the less I have to deal with chitchats.


  1. Great post. A while back I looked into writing a similar post on how great it would be to work from home, that is until I researched and found more negatives. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Glad that you found this post useful.

  2. I am not an early riser as well, but working from home forced me to be and I am now actually glad to be an early riser. It's worth it and I get more done! With a 2 year old and a 7 year old that I homeschool, I am learning to juggle but at the same time have a set consistent and disciplined schedule.

    1. Wow! You're awesome. I wonder how my work-at-home status would be if I have a child of my own. I wonder if I could keep up. Hehehe. Thanks for leaving a comment Tene!