Last Updated: Thursday, February 11, 2016

5 Easy-to-Grab Brain Boosting Snacks to Eat at Your Office Desk

Let's admit it. Working in an office setting isn't actually a heavenly and relaxing job. Though you are only dealing with your computer and papers all day, you still get exhausted physically, especially mentally.

So to fuel up your mind again, here are brain boosting foods to snack upon while you're at your office desk. 

1. Egg tuna sandwich

egg tuna sandwich

When I have bread, mayo, eggs and canned tuna in my kitchen, I always never fail to create the classic egg tuna sandwich for snacks. Eggs are rich in choline which prevents your brain from aging, while tuna contains omega-3 fatty acids which help you sharpen your mind.

2. Cashew Nuts

cashew nuts

How I love the crunchy flavor of cashew nuts. Cashew nuts help improve brain function because of its vitamin E and niacin components. Every time I go to the groceries, I make it sure to include cashew nuts in my grocery basket.

3. Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Sweets are well-known brain boosting foods, but if you don't like too much sweets, you can settle for dark chocolates instead. Their mild bitter-sweet flavor is irresistible, and they help improve your mood, reduce stress and improve your memory because of their flavonoid components.

4. Crackers


If you want the crunch yet plainness of flavor, crackers fit the bill. Crackers are packed with complex carbohydrates which are the main fuel of your brain. When these complex carbohydrates break down, they turn into glucose which provides energy for your whole body.

5. Apples


On the other hand, if you are craving fruits as a snack, pick an apple. Apples keep your mental juices flowing because of their natural antioxidants. And remember, when eating them, don't peel off the skin since the skin is concentrated with more nutrients.

Which among these snacks is your favorite? (I love egg tuna sandwich the most!)