Last Updated: Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Do You Need a Journalism or Writing Degree to Become a Freelance Web Content Writer?

credentials of a freelance writer

Let me answer it straight out. No, you don't need one.

Many of us are scared to venture the freelance writing road because we don't have a journalism or writing degree. Yes, I'm not a journalism graduate either. I am a nursing graduate. Despite that, I courageously followed a different career path.

It's true that it's hard to get a web content writing job, especially when the employers are specifically seeking for journalism graduates. And every time I read job postings with this specific requirement, I immediately steer away from them because I don't want to waste my time convincing an employer who is not open to accepting and hiring non-journalism graduates. Well, that was the past.

I realized that I have to try and try, or else I won't get a writing job. Even if I don't have a journalism or writing degree, I proved to them that I am more than qualified. So what did I do to land a freelance web content writing job?

I told them every related qualification I have. That I was editor-in-chief since elementary grade until high school. That I was news editor in college. And that I won several essay writing contests. 

These might not be much since these were only school achievements, and I never really had professional experience writing for the web. But guess what? These were enough to make the employers consider me. They asked me to undergo a short writing test - and I passed. I landed a freelance writing job.

So if you still have doubts whether you'll be hired or not, just go for it. If you are rejected once or many times, do not give up.