Last Updated: Thursday, February 18, 2016

No One Is Reading Your Company Blog. Should You Stop?

benefits of blogging for business

You followed the advice of everybody to start creating a blog for your company website. Since the birth of your company blog, you never missed to publish a post every single day. However, you felt like no one is reading your blog as evidenced by zero social media shares and zero comments. The feeling of dread has dawned into you and you asked yourself whether it's still worth it to continue writing a blog or not.

Though a blog is meaningless without a reader, it doesn't mean that it will be forever that way. Your once zero reader blog might help your business to become something big in the future because of the following:

1. Search engines will love your company website more.

Based on a study, a company website that blogs is blessed with a 55% increase in traffic compared to company websites that do not write a blog. So even if you feel that your company blog does not have readers at all, you still benefit from it by being favored more by search engines. If your competitor does not blog, then you absolutely have the edge.

2. You will have something to share among your social media followers.

If you think that you have shared all the flowery quotes in your social media channels, then your blog posts can help you ditch the trouble of thinking what to share among your followers. Got a new post? Share it on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. You can even share your old blog posts as long as it is relevant and would bring value to your followers.

3. Your company website might be discovered with your blog post.

If your main landing pages are not doing well in the search engines, there's still hope for your company website to get discovered by your target consumers. And that is through a blog post. For example, an online pet store published a blog post about cat treats a long time ago. A user who's Googling for cat treats happened to see their blog post, clicked it, and voila! That user has been clicking all over the other pages of the online pet store website and bookmarked it as one of the must go-to online pet stores.

4. Your blog serves as your direct or indirect sales platform.

Who said that you could not sell through your blog? You can! (But do it sparingly.) Let's say you really have an amazing product to sell. You can feature your product in your blog and state why it would be beneficial to your target consumers. For interested people who have found your product through other platforms, you can direct them to your blog post so that they will know more about your product.

5. Helps you establish authority in your industry.

Though no one is reading your blog (yet), it helps you create your voice which then helps you slowly build an authority in your industry. If you have shared your ideas through writing blog posts, you are exhibiting your expertise; you are showing to all the people that you know your craft.

Your company blog might have minimal readership for now, but it doesn't mean that it's completely useless.