Last Updated: Friday, March 18, 2016

4 Marketing Strategies for Freelance Writers that Could Potentially Bring in New Clients!

how to promote freelance writing services

For me, marketing my freelance writing services is a lot harder than the writing itself. Cos if I don't promote myself, I won't meet any new clients and I'll end up having no work. To beat this dilemma, I've done the following steps to market myself as a freelance writer:

Step #1. I join various blogging and writing communities in Google Plus.

Since my freelance writing website is fairly new, I need to "associate" my writing site to relevant social media groups or communities before I go on promoting my services to my targeted niches, so I joined various blogging and writing communities in Google Plus. It's just like introducing yourself first to your freelance writing colleagues before anything else.

If you would be asking me why Google Plus and not Facebook, I just find Google Plus to be a friendlier platform. I get more +1s in Google Plus than Facebook Likes.

Step #2. I prepare a social media sharing spreadsheet like this.

After I have joined various groups, I make a spreadsheet for it, so that I would be guided on where I share my blog posts and other promotional activities. 

In a day, I promote myself to at least three blogging and writing communities. When I was an ignorant newbie, I tried to promote and paste the same message on several groups (I couldn't remember how many, but it was more than 20), and I got a red flag from Google. Gasp! So I just settled on three.

Step #3. I listed several blogs that talk about freelance writing, blogging, or digital marketing.

And I started to leave comments if I found something interesting on their blog. I'm doing three blog comments each day.

I was inspired to include "blog commenting" as one of my marketing strategies because my friend told me that she got her client just by commenting on a popular blog. It happened that her client is also a reader of that popular blog and her client was amazed on how insightful her blog comment is.

Maybe, that could happen to us too!

Step #4. I prepared a spreadsheet for guest blogging prospects.

And I'd be pitching them!

Guest blogging is one of the greatest marketing strategies that you could employ. It's obviously a lot harder than social media sharing and blog commenting, but what you would reap would also be a lot bigger.

If you're able to publish guest posts on popular blogs, you could list them in your writing portfolio and brag it to potential clients. Another benefit of guest blogging is that you would gain more exposure and you would likely have more followers.

So before I made the pitch, I make sure that I plan and construct my outreach email carefully well.

How about you? How do you market your freelance writing services?