Last Updated: Tuesday, April 12, 2016

3 Ways to Increase Your Blog Post Traffic Even If You Are Not (Yet) a Famous Blogger

tips to increase blog readership for non famous bloggers

Over the past years when I still didn't have a freelance writer website, I didn't have any problems on how should I attract readers, well simply because I didn't have a blog.

But now that I have one, I realized that writing great content doesn't always equate to having a high blog readership, and that people won't accidentally discover that I have published a new blog post.

Despite sharing my blog post on my personal Google+ account, I only manage to get 5-7 views. Of course, that's to be expected for someone like me who only has a very minimal following.

So do I still have the chance to increase my blog post views? Fortunately, yes. So here are some of the best strategies that we all non-famous bloggers can do in order to boost blog traffic:

1. Share your blog post in all of your social media channels more than once.

So I got this amazing tip from the Verve Blog. This strategy encourages everyone to share their blog post more than once (in different times of the day) on their social media accounts so that people won't miss it on their feed.

At first glance, this is a shitty tactic since you'll be like spamming your social media profile. But for it not to appear like spam, change the description that comes along with the sharing of your link. You can write the description as a question, an excerpt lifted from the post, or citing a fact.

2. Reference an influencer in your blog post and email them that you have quoted them.

I have known this strategy from Brian Dean of Backlinko after receiving one of his email newsletters. (Yep, I'm one of Backlinko's subscribers.)

So the logic behind this strategy is that since you have referenced or quoted an influencer, it is likely possible that they will share your blog post among their thousands or millions of followers. So it's like they already did the marketing for you.

3. Share your blog post in relevant social media groups.

This is a strategy I have thought of myself. (But I don't know if there is any influencer who has advised the same strategy.)

I have various social media accounts but as I mentioned earlier, I have very minimal following. So even if I share my blog posts on my social media accounts, it's likely of no use.

But since I'm a member of several social media groups, I thought of sharing my blog posts there.

First, I'll have to post my blog link on my social media page, then click its share button and share it on a particular group.

This way, the members of the group will also know the original source of my shared post. Doing this, I received lots of likes, comments and at times, reshares. I even gain new followers on my social media page! But the best of all, I have increase my blog post's traffic.

Are there any tips you would like to share among non-famous bloggers like me in order to boost blog traffic? Feel free to tell them in the comment box (and I'll be taking note of them).