Last Updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Tired of Sharing Posts on Your Social Media Accounts One by One? Here's How to Make It Easier and Faster.

You know too damn well that social media marketing shouldn't be ignored because social media helps drive business to your business. So you hop onto Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, or to any other network where you think your brand will get the most exposure.

With too many social media platforms around, having all of your accounts active has become quite a hassle. Just the mere logging in on all of your accounts makes you feel stressed out. What's more, you have to publish and share posts daily, or else people will think that your business has gone dead. Isn't it too tiring?

But worry no more!

Even if you have a bazillion social media accounts and company pages for your business, you can manage them using a web-based tool called Buffer.

What is Buffer?

As mentioned earlier, Buffer is a web-based tool. It works like your social media assistant that lets you schedule and publish posts on all of your linked social media accounts. It has been once called as the Siri of Social Media.

How to start using Buffer

1. Go to and sign-up to create an account. Click the "Get Started for Free" button (if you only want a free account).

2. Link your social media accounts. A free Buffer account lets you connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn social networks.

3. Once you have linked your social media accounts, you can start scheduling your posts.

How to schedule posts in Buffer

1. To schedule posts, click the "Content" tab menu, and the "Queue" tab.

2. You will then be shown an empty text box with social media icons on top representing your linked accounts.

3. You can select where you want to share your post by clicking the social media icons above.

4. Type your desired content in the text box.


  1. Hashtags are only working on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, so you may not include sharing your posts with hashtags on LinkedIn.
  2. Your pasted URL will be automatically shortened to a link. But if you want, you may erase the link after Buffer has generated a preview of your URL.
  3. Once you have pasted a URL, Buffer will pull in a preview of your URL, together with an image, your blog's meta title, permalink and meta description.
  4. There's a tiny character counter beside the "Add to Queue" button indicating how many characters are left for each social media platform. Hence, a longer post is not feasible if you will be sharing it on Twitter that only allows a max of 140 characters.
5.  Click the dropdown arrow of the "Add to Queue" button to select how you want to schedule your post.

  • Share Next - will be published only after Buffer finished publishing all of your post's queue
  • Share Now - instant share
  • Schedule Post - publish your post whenever you want

And that's it! Easy, right? No more opening of several browser tabs just to login and update all of your social media accounts.


  1. I've been looking for a free option to do this FOREVER! This looks like it might do the trick! I've been using a spreadsheet to keep track of all this stuff but this looks like it will take the pain out of sharing individually. Thank you for sharing this! Alanna

    1. No prob Alanna! Glad that you find this post useful. Thanks for dropping by.

  2. I love Buffer. It has changed how I do my daily and weekly business and for only $10 a month I get some pretty cool features. The free was okay to learn, but then I graduated and now it is my "secretary"
    Great article!

    1. Buffer is really a cool tool, and it's nice to upgrade to their "Awesome" pricing especially if you would like to connect more than one account for each kind of social media platform. Thanks for leaving a comment Heather!

  3. Looks just the thing would certainly be worth giving it a try out especially if you are using a number of social sharing platforms

    1. Yes, you should try Buffer. It's a great tool. But to be able to use more of its features, you can try availing its "Awesome Pricing" which is around $10 a month.