Last Updated: Friday, June 17, 2016

My 2 Daily Habits on How to Become a Better Freelance Writer

Way back when I first jumped into the freelance writing world, I was so eager sending out applications to writing job boards, and I felt confident that I would somehow land a job even though I still didn't have any professional web content writing experience. I was somehow confident since I was a member of our school publication from elementary to college.

But my confidence was slowly crushed after I kept receiving several rejection application emails. They said that my writing wasn't good enough, or that they had already found someone who was more qualified, or that my style of writing was too different from the ones that they need.

I was strongly discouraged and even thought that my decision of changing my career from being a nurse to a freelance web content writer was entirely wrong. I felt like giving up, but decided not to. Until finally, I was able to land my first freelance writing gig.

From this experience, I realized that the freelance writing world is a very competitive industry, and when you're not good enough or does not have much experience, your chances of landing a project are rather slim.

So in order for me to ride along the waves of this competitive world, I developed some good habits that will help me to up my freelance writing skills.

1. I read blogs on different niches.

Before, I used to follow a flowery style of writing because that's how it was in school publications. The more you use big and flowery words, the more chances you have in winning writing competitions.

But I realized that the style of writing for the web and school pubs are very different. When you're writing for the web, people will appreciate more of your writing if you are more direct and use simpler words.

So to tweak my style of writing, I read several blogs on niches that interest me such as lifestyle, businesses, digital marketing and entertainment. I note how other people write and study them on how I can improve my writing skills.

2. I follow and read the blogs of well-known freelance writers.

So aside from reading blogs on different niches, I also read the blogs of well-known freelance writers. I especially like the following:
Reading these blogs has helped me gain more knowledge on how to up my game in freelance writing. So if you also want to learn something new, I suggest you start reading the above-mentioned blogs. From improving your writing skills to finding clients, these blogs got them covered.

How about you? What are your daily habits on how to become a better freelance writer?