Last Updated: Friday, August 26, 2016

Know If an Email Address Exists with This Validating Tool

Most websites have a contact page. We often visit the contact page of a website if we want to discuss something with the web owner, or any specific person in mind.

However, sometimes, the email address of the web owner is not written, and only the website's general contact form is on sight.

So what's the problem if there is only the contact form?

  1. Messages coming from the contact form are usually handled by the website's support staff.
  2. Chances are, your message won't reach the right person.
  3. Your message might be ignored especially if you won't purchase their product or avail their services.
Hence, you'll be most likely wasting your time emailing the wrong person using the contact form.

It would be better if you could send your email to the personal email of the web owner, right? But how can you do that if their email is not visible?

You can actually find them out using this email validating tool.

There are a lot of email validating tools out there. But I'm comfortable using Email Checker.

email checker

To use this tool, all you need to know is the name of the web owner, and check their email using the "" format.

For example, you want to personally email Neil Patel of Quick Sprout. But on his contact page, there's only a contact form.

And you're unsure if Neil would actually be the one receiving your message or his email support staff (if there's any).

So you want to find out his direct email on Quick Sprout.

Since you already know the name of the web owner (which is Neil), check if the email "" is a valid and existing contact.

If it is valid and existing, Email Checker will show you a result like this:

That means to say, there is a high possibility that Neil Patel's direct email on Quick Sprout is ""

If you don't know, most web owners set up their email handlers on their website using their first name.

Though what Email Checker shows you valid results, it doesn't always mean that the person you want to email actively uses that email address. They might be using a couple of email addresses.

Nevertheless, this is your great chance to email the right person without wasting much of your effort.