Last Updated: Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Google Will Now Penalize Websites with Pop-ups (Including Newsletter Sign-up Pop-ups)

Aside from Facebook changing its Newsfeed algorithm, bloggers and web owners will kind of hate Google too as it will be changing its algorithm on the upcoming year 2017.

Google will now penalize or lower the rankings of websites with intrusive pop-up ads whether they come in the form of:

  • newsletter pop-ups
  • coupon pop-ups
  • Like Our Facebook Page pop-ups
  • membership or registration sign-ups
  • promotional pop-ups
  • and many more!

According to the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, here are the examples of intrusive pop-up ads:

Now, how does Google's so-called intrusive pop-up ads look in mobile:

1. An example of an intrusive popup

2. An example of an intrusive standalone interstitial

3. Another example of intrusive standalone interstitial

For more information about this new Google algorithm 2017, please check out this page.