Last Updated: Thursday, November 10, 2016

5 Tips to Help You Become Happier at Work

Have you take a look at your old photos? Compare them with your recent ones.

What did you notice aside from you gaining weight?

You look happier... younger... and less wrinkle lines.

But today, no matter how you pose a smile in front of the camera, you cannot hide the fact that you are stressed and a bit sadder.

What's the cause of it? Is it your job?

Sure, you've got your dream job, and it pays you just the exact amount of money that you ever wished for.

But every time you go to the office, you feel unmotivated... uninspired... depressed.

You are always looking forward to end the day even if your work hasn't started yet. And this is what's contributing to your wrinkle lines.

When you are depressed or feel horrible at work, you are looking older than your real age because stress ages your genes.

So for you to revive that positive energy towards work, here are some tips to help you become happier.

1. Decorate your desk the way you want it.

You'd be much happier at work if your working space looks like the way you want it to be. It gives you a feeling of uniqueness and it screams that you "own" this particular space.

You could bring your favorite mousepad instead of using the company's. You could neatly stack on your desk your favorite books, pin sticker notes, put picture frames, pen holders... anything that would make you happy and comfortable.

2. Don't pay too much attention to your stressors.

Sometimes, you don't feel getting up for work because there is someone in your office who makes you feel stressed all the time which is usually your manager or boss.

Don't be too self-conscious whenever they are around. Don't think like "Oh damn, I'll be seeing my manager and boss again." Don't make it a big deal.

Just continue working like they are your ordinary colleagues.

3. Always make yourself clear.

Usually, you feel stressed seeing your manager and boss because there's something that you haven't finished doing in your deliverable yet which makes them pester you all the time.

They always check upon the status of your work as if you are not doing your job. This is really stressful, right?

So to make them give you a little space for you to focus on your work, be clear on your deliverables' deadlines.

Tell them when they would expect to see the finished product and create a specific schedule on when you would do your regular reporting regarding the status of your work. And do it nicely.

4. Have a work buddy.

Make friends in your office. Or if you are uncomfortable being too friendly with everyone, at least, have a work buddy - your best friend in the office.

This would make you feel less alone. You have someone to talk to, eat lunch together, or even hang out after office hours.

So even if the whole office is against you (for whatever reason), you have that one close buddy whom you could ask for support.

5. Don't forget the reasons why you are working hard.

Why do you work? Is it only for you to survive and pay your bills? Or do you have a goal and inspiration?

If you feel like giving up on your work or you are less happy, just think of your goal and inspiration. Imagine yourself reaching that goal and you'll be a lot happier.

While you cannot fully avoid the things that make you less happy at work, it all comes down to on how you deal with them.

How about you? What are your ways on how to become happier at your work place?