Last Updated: Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Google+ Community Posts Not Showing Up? Here's the Solution

When sharing blog posts, Google+ communities are my favorite places to go. Why? Because I get more likes, shares and views on Google+!

However, recently, around the month of August this year (2016) until now, I noticed that I'm getting less and less likes, shares and views.

So I've got the notion that maybe, people are not seeing my posts. Then I investigated what's happening.

I shared a post on a Google+ community, then logged in to my other G+ account using another laptop.

With my other G+ account, I went inside the community and voila! I couldn't see the post I made.

God! Am I marked as a spammer? This thought occurred to me, but I immediately dismissed it.

I'm confident that my shared posts are not spam because of 4 things:

1. My posts are all unique. Meaning, I don't share posts with similar wordings.
2. My posts have human-friendly captions. I don't just drop links.
3. My posts are in line with the community's rules.
4. My posts have proper time-spacing. Like an hour or two.

So thinking that I'm following the rules yet my posts are treated like criminals (spams) by Google+, I decided to ask some help on the official Google+ Help community, so that my problem would be solved faster.

However, I was not really in luck finding an answer on the community, so I just scoured the web to look for answers.

After a few hours of visiting several groups and forums, here's the solution that I found for disappearing Google+ community posts.

Solution to disappearing Google+ community posts

1. Go to the Google+ community where you shared a post.

2. Click the triple dot icon on the top-right corner.

3. Select "Preferences."

4. Beside "Sort by top posts or most recent" change "Top posts" to "Most recent."

And there you go! Your shared post that you thought been banned, blocked or flagged as spam by the Google+ community moderators will show up again.

While others may insist that you've been banned, blocked or labeled you as a spammer, don't believe them until you change this sort post setting. Your recent posts won't naturally appear if the posts are sorted by top posts.

Google+ community, then and now

Back then, all Google+ communities show posts by the "most recent" ones. However today, all Google+ communities sort posts as "top posts" by default.

So whenever you refresh the community or visit it later to check out your shared post, your post won't show up.

I'm not sure but I think this is a new update or feature of Google+ communities? Wherein the default setting is now "Top posts?"

I've been sharing in Google+ communities for years and this is the only time that I have encountered disappearing posts because of that setting or feature.

In fact, there are several people who encountered the same problem as mine.

Google+ community not a great platform to share posts anymore?

Since Google+ communities now sort posts as "top posts" by default, people will not see your "recent" posts. Hence, you won't get any likes, shares and views. And I think that most Google+ users are not aware of changing this setting, so it's no use sharing your posts on communities anymore.

What are your thoughts about this?