Last Updated: Thursday, November 17, 2016

How to Be a More Likable Boss?

how to be a more likable boss

Do you want to be a more likable boss? Then you've come at the right place.

I believe these tips will help you become a more likable boss because these tips come from an employee's perspective.

So, let's start?

Learn to smile.

Being a likable boss all starts with how you face your employees. Do you smile as a greeting every time you walk inside your office? Or do you just flash your grumpy face while walking passed your employees at full speed?

When you wear a smile, it helps break down that barrier between you and your employees, and it usually helps debunk that notion that you are a tyrant and unapproachable boss.

Remember all of your employees' names.

Anyone wouldn't like it if you don't remember their name. Well, you may be forgiven for not remembering everybody's names if you have a very large company.

But you've got no excuse for not remembering your employees' names especially if your office is just a one big room.

Don't always interrupt your employees.

Avoid frequent chats or avoid asking the same questions again when they have been already answered. Don't hold surprise meetings every time just because you want to feel busy.

Remember that your employees have something to do and deliver by the end of the day, and you, disturbing them unnecessarily is really not likable.

Allow a relaxed atmosphere.

Don't be too strict to your employees. They cannot enjoy their work and be more productive if you are emanating that menacing boss aura.

Allow them to play their favorite music while working. Let them chat and have a laugh with their colleagues. Don't look too much into it as long as they are able to deliver.

Learn to listen.

Your business is not always about you. Though you are the boss, learn how to listen to your employees' ideas, suggestions and concerns.

A boss who does not know how to listen is usually hated by their employees. What kind of company and management do you have if you are not letting them speak up their own voice?

Accept that you are sometimes wrong.

I once had a boss who lectured us, the content writing department, for having written the headlines "wrong" because they were too short and didn't contain much keywords for SEO.

We explained to our boss that our written headlines comply with the best practices of the web. We even showed him facts and posts written by well-known SEO experts, but he still said no and insisted us using his too long and keyword-stuffed headlines.

We really felt bad during that time. Though facts were already presented (and nicely presented), our boss didn't even lower his pride.

Provide your employees the necessary tools.

If you want your employees to get something done fast and of top quality, provide them the necessary tools. While there are free resources and tools on the web, those only have limited features. And tools with limited features affect the productivity of your workers.

For example, graphic designers always need stock photos. Don't just make them rely on free image sources such as Pixabay or Flickr. Though there are several free images there, your graphic designers may not still find the pictures they need. And I could attest to that.

Don't be a cheapskate boss! Upgrade to a premium account on Shutterstock or any paid image sources. Your money won't be wasted as your graphic designers always need them anyway.

Eat together with your employees.

If you have the time, eat together with your employees. I'm not saying that you always have to treat them to lunch. It's not a requirement to be always treating your employees.

But by eating together with them, you'll get to know more about them personally. Talk to them that's not about work. Ask them about their likes or dislikes. These little conversations might even come in handy on Kris Kringles!

Raise the salaries of your employees.

Remember your contract with your employee that you'll be giving them a raise every year? Don't you forget that, especially if your employee is deserving of a raise.

Don't make your employee come to you and ask about it just because you forget. It feels awkward on the employee's part, you know? Always be sensitive on this matter and do the initiative to review your employee's performance in order for him to receive his raise.

Wrapping up

Most bosses were once employees once. If you want to be a more likable boss, then reminisce those times when you were just still an employee and ask these questions:

  • What do you hate about your boss?
  • What do you like about your boss?

Then sort your answers. Do what you need to do as what you would expect to your previous boss.