Last Updated: Saturday, December 10, 2016

The Number One Reason Why Some Blogs Have Several Comments While Yours Have Zero

I feel excited every time I see notifications on comments that are awaiting for moderation. Why I wouldn't be? Despite having a not so famous blog, someone took their precious time off to read my posts and leave a comment!

However, several bloggers are bothered by the fact that no one comments on their blog. Even if they have hundreds to thousands of page views per day, no reader bothers to interact on the comment section.

It is really disheartening when no one comments on your blog. It feels as if your blog doesn't exist.

You did everything to encourage people to comment on your blog through writing interesting and valuable posts, having a call-to-action, installing an easy-to-use commenting system, and creating a great web design.

You have a near-perfect blog, but still, no one cares.

The reason?

It's because you don't have the initiative to interact with other people.

Do you know this quote from St. Francis of Assisi?

"For it is in giving, that we receive."

If you want to have several comments on your blog, then you have to give first.

Start commenting on other people's blogs, so that other bloggers will comment on your blog too (if they are willing to reciprocate) even without you asking them.

And I think this method works.

For example, visit any of Donna Merrill's blog posts on Donna Merrill Tribe, and you would see that almost all of her posts are studded with comments.

And for every person who commented on her blog, Donna takes the time to visit the blogs of each of her commenters and leave a comment on their posts as well.

So, if you try doing like what Donna does, you'll have greater chances of receiving blog comments too!

Are you now ready to become a friendlier blogger? Let me know if this method works for you!