Last Updated: Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Why I Chose to Be a Multi-Niche Freelance Writer

I've been an avid follower of several freelance writing experts, and I noticed that among their most common piece of advice is to pick a single niche in your freelance writing career.

Because if you do, you'll be positioning yourself as an industry expert, you can charge more for your writing services, and you'll always be the top pick of your target clients in the vast sea of competition.

I find their points really convincing. However, I still prefer being a generalist or a multi-niche writer due to the following reasons:

1. I crave for variety.

While I could position myself as a freelance writer for hire who specializes in the health or medical field, I've confirmed to myself that focusing on a single niche isn't really my thing.

One time, it was by chance that I had only gotten clients in the health niche. I had written about nutrition tips, weight loss tips and medical conditions for six straight months, and I became really bored.

I don't hate writing about health because it is actually easy for me. I'm a Registered Nurse. I'm familiar with how the body works. And I even understand the difficult medical terms.

But it just so happened that I got bored writing about the same stuff for consecutive months. You may think that I don't really enjoy writing about health, because if I truly enjoy writing about it, I won't get bored with it, right?

But let's be honest here. That's not how it always work. Imagine eating your favorite food for several consecutive days. Won't you get tired of it?

2. It helps me learn something different every time.

Do you like learning new stuff? I do.

Since research is a sister to writing, we always learn something when we are creating our piece. However, if you keep confining yourself to writing a single niche, you'll be unable to expand your knowledge in different areas.

Sure, you could do your personal reading and research about other things that interest you, but do you have time for that? Not always... But if you have a multiple writing niche, you could kill two birds with one stone.

Say, if you have clients on the health, entrepreneurship, digital marketing and pet niches, you could greatly increase your knowledge in these four different fields while you are writing them.

3.  Not all businesses need your freelance writing services.

Freelance writing experts say that you will never run out of clients even if you specialize in a single niche, because tons of businesses are out there - which is absolutely true.

But the question is, do they really need your freelance writing services? While there are several businesses created every minute, some are not really capable yet of hiring the service of a freelance writer.

And if it is really true that you will never run out of clients, then why do some freelance writing experts say that there will be an unstable flow of income in certain months? Meaning, there are really times that businesses won't need you even if you market yourself hard.

Even big companies such as Facebook does not make themselves exclusive to being a social media platform, but they too explored other fields such as gaming and VR. This is comparable to having a freelance writing business. If you explore other niches, there will be more opportunities for you to grow.

What are your thoughts about this matter? Which do you prefer? Specializing in a single niche or multiple niches?