Last Updated: Saturday, January 7, 2017

My Blogging and Freelance Writing Goals for 2017

I never had goals through the course of my 4+ years of freelance writing experience, because I actually do not prioritize it. I have a full-time job, so I only accept freelance writing gigs whenever clients message me. I don't actively pitch, or consistently apply in writing job boards.

However, during the second half of 2016, it got me thinking. It made me want to pursue freelance writing as my full-time career. Write what you want and whenever you want. I don't really care about its perks of writing "wherever" you want, because I hate traveling.

Today, I just finished reading Alicia Rades' latest blog post which is also about her 2017 freelance writing goals. So, it made me want to write my own goals for this year. Here they are:

1. Write 4-6 blog posts to all of my blogs each month.

I have 4 blogs in all. This one, and the rest are all hobby blogs. Looking back to each of my blogs, I have quite neglected them except for this one. So, for this year, I'll be managing my time more wisely, and squeeze in my blogging tasks after my daytime job, or before I login to work, and blog heavily on weekends.

2. Submit 5 guest posts by the end of January 2017, then 1 guest post every month.

This year, I'll prioritize guest posting, since most clients today ask published works with your byline as writing samples. Though I've been writing for a couple of years already, I haven't guest posted a lot because what I do is mostly ghost blogging work.

3. Pitch 500 prospects per month.

Carol Tice of Make A Living Writing (and one of the writers I look up to), always emphasizes the importance of the volume of marketing your services as a freelance writer. If you don't aggressively pitch your targeted clients, you won't be able to get off the ground quickly.

4. Earn at least a freelance writing income of $20,500 by the end of 2017.

Since I still have a full-time job, my freelance writing income goals are not yet that big. Plus, I feel like I would be starting all over again in my freelance writing career because I didn't actively market myself as a freelance writer for hire.

5. Monetize my other blogs and earn a passive income of $500 over the course of the year.

Ideally, this is my dream job - to earn a passive income through my blogs. One of my blogs is already giving results, and ranking in the search engines without me doing anything. It's just a very small niche blog, so it's fairly easy to rank.

Some of my other goals not related to blogging or freelance writing are:

1. Read 2 English novels per month.

I love buying $0.50 books in our local bookstore, but I never find time to read them because I often feel stressed after my daytime job. All I want to do after is sleep.

2. Learn and create 1 graphic design per month.

I'm a self-taught Photoshop user. When I was in college, I was inspired to study Photoshop after seeing our senior graphic designer whipped up some cool designs for our school publication. I even dreamed of becoming a graphic designer, but I really don't have the talent to create original and awesome designs, so I need to study hard.

So, that's it. These are my blogging and freelance writing goals for 2017. How about you? What are your goals?