Last Updated: Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Short or Long Blog Posts: Does Length Matter?

I can't remember which websites or blogs, but I have read that longer posts tend to do well. Gone are the days where 400-500 word posts were in demand.

Whenever I'm looking for freelance writing jobs, most clients now want posts that are between 1500-2500 words long, or even higher. Perhaps they already realized that longer (and quality) posts are ranked higher in the SERPS.

However, I think that length only matters if your "purpose" is to become more visible in the search engines.

If your purpose is to only create interesting and shareable content that has a high possibility of going "viral," then even short posts would do. Examples are:

- News and entertainment websites that mostly write listicle articles with very few descriptions for each item such as Buzzfeed

- Recipe websites such as Delish

- Or even the blog of Seth Godin, the founder and CEO of Yoyodyne

Despite only having short posts, they still garner several likes, shares and engagement from their target readers.

Does length matter in blog posts? What are your thoughts about this?