Last Updated: Friday, February 24, 2017

Why I Stopped Chasing Influencers

I used to chase influencers, especially in the digital marketing niche. I always commented on their blogs. Stalked their social media accounts. Shared their new posts... Any activity that would make them remember me.

Like you, I know how important it is to acquaint yourself with influencers. If you managed to be "friends" with them, you'll be able to guest post on their sites, leech on their own popularity, boost your own website's ranking, and you can even end up landing new clients.

Then a thought struck  me. Why was I doing all of these? Was it really worth my time trying to be friends with them? Did I really intend to get freelance writing clients through them? I realized that it wasn't really.

I've been chasing influencers for months... maybe a year... and it didn't bring me any value actually. Why would I try to please them if there are too many people wanting their attention. It's like making a celebrity notice and love you, when in fact you only have one in a million chance.

Influencers know your motives of wanting to be friends with them, so most influencers today do not actually interact with their followers at all.

Do they reply to your blog comments? Do they thank you for sharing their post? Do they answer your emails? Most influencers don't because they are too busy.

So I realized that instead of chasing them, I now focused more on emailing potential clients. And guess what? That has given me more results than chasing influencers.

Do you still chase influencers up to this day? Does it give you any results?