Last Updated: Friday, March 10, 2017

How to Revive Your Dead Company Blog

At some point, there will come a time that you won't be able to update your company blog, or any type of blog that you have. Maybe because you have so much work to do, and you can't squeeze in your blogging tasks.

I started this blog on 2015, but I had only written a total of six posts during that year. It was basically a dead blog.

But updating your company blog regularly is really important as it helps you gather leads for your business, position yourself as an authority on your niche, or it serves as a medium to connect with your target audience.

If you want to revive your dead company blog, the solution is simple. Start writing again!

Here are some points you need to consider when reviving your company blog:

Determine how many blog posts you want to write per month.

Most often, your blog ends up neglected because you don't have a goal in mind such as the number of blog posts you want to write and publish per month.

To start, you can publish one post per week, a total of four posts every month. Or if your company now has enough people to help you in your blogging tasks, you can increase the frequency, say two posts per week.

Create an editorial calendar.

Before, I frequently missed being able to craft a new blog post because I already ran out of ideas. But when I started to create an editorial calendar, and plan out what topics should I write for the month, it helped me to stick to my blogging goals. With an editorial calendar, I am now able to write the number of posts I want to publish every month.

To create an editorial calendar, allot a day or two and research for possible topics you want to write for your blog.

Check out the latest blogging trends.

If you have stopped blogging for your company blog a long time ago, chances are, your blogging style too is out of trend.

You may be using the old school blogging tricks such as keyword stuffing, too short posts, cheesy and unclassy stock photos, and so on.

For the latest blogging trends, frequently check out ProBlogger. Every month, they publish a reading roundup called "What's New in Blogging Lately?"

Check out your competitor blogs.

For you to have more grasp on what's the hottest topics in your industry, check out your competitor blogs too.

Start creating blog posts which are of similar topic. If the post worked well for your competitor, then it's also likely that it will work out well for your blog too.

Hire a freelance writer to update your company blog.

Most company blogs become dead because they don't have anyone who can be held responsible for updating the company's blog, or there aren't any sufficient employees who can write a blog.

To prevent your company blog from dying again, hire a freelance writer to help you with the extra blogging work.

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