Last Updated: Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Don't Start a Business Blog If...

There are a lot of reasons why you should have a business blog, and among these reasons are:

- boosting your website's visibility,
- helping your biz generate more leads,
- and making consumers trust your brand.

However, I suggest you NOT to start a business blog if:

- You (or anyone) don't have the time to commit writing regular posts.

A lot of business blogs become dead mainly because no one has the time to blog for it. If you yourself do not have the time to blog, or if you refuse to hire a web content writer, simply telling your staff that they're free to write anything on the company blog will mostly result to no one writing.

Your social media manager won't blog. Same goes for your graphic designer, customer support, web developer, etc. Because hey, no one wants to add another task on their plate especially if it's already full. And it's not within the job description of your staff to blog and do so.

If your target customers see that your blog is not updated, they might think that your company has already closed its doors and not doing business anymore. But in reality, it is not. So you're better off not starting a business blog.

- You just want to do it because everyone else has it.

I often see several company websites with a "Blog" navigation menu, but there's nothing in it. If you just included a Blog navigation menu just because everyone has it, but you really don't plan putting something in there, then you'd better remove it.

No one is forcing you to put up a Blog section for your company website, so you don't have to feel guilty if you don't have one.

- You only plan to steal other people's posts.

Some small business owners think that the solution for having regular posts even without hiring a web content writer is to copy other people's posts and just credit the owner.

But it's not really a magnificent solution. It's a form of stealing. If you steal other people's work, then how will your target customers ever trust you?

Starting a business blog might be tempting, but if you really don't have a well-thought plan, your company blog can make or break your biz. So don't start if you're not really sure about it.