Last Updated: Thursday, June 1, 2017

Boring Yet Important Blog Topic Starters for Your Business Website

You already put up a blog section for your business website, but you don't know where to start or what to write.

You've read somewhere that your blog post topics should be interesting and unique, and something that brings value to your readers.

While it is true that you need to craft interesting and unique blog ideas, there are some blog topic starters that may not be interesting or unique as much, but are important to be included in your blog especially if you are a service-based business.

These blog topic starters may appear boring to some as they are already frequently used. However, these boring topics will help give a boost to your business website's traffic; hence, increasing your visibility. Here are some:

1. Reasons Why You Should Hire a [Your Service]

The reasons might be already obvious to most people on why they should hire your services, but to those who are still skeptic about hiring you, this will help them give a little push to finally work with you.

It also helps your website to have a traffic boost for your particular keyword relevant to your services. For example, you are a business coach and you want to emphasize the reasons why people should hire you, or hire a business coach in a general perspective.

Example: Reasons Why You Should Hire a Business Coach

Writing this kind of post to your business website blog will help your website to get ranked for the keyword, business coach.

As long as the blog idea is reflected in your headline, feel free to create a more creative title, so that it will be more attention-grabbing. Here are some creative headlines I found on the web:

- 10 Ways Hiring a [Coach] Can Make Your Business Successful
- 7 Reasons Why Hiring a [Business Coach] Can Set You Free
- Eight Signs It's Time to Hire a [Business Coach]

If you do SEO and conduct intensive marketing, the search engines will reward your efforts and rank your blog post.

2. How to Select the Best [Your Service]

It's already the digital age, so people are looking on how to find the right services through the web. People today do their research first before availing a company's products and services. So get your chances up on appearing on search engine results by writing about this blog topic.

Usually, first-time customers don't know how to pick the right product or service that they really need. Help them solve their dilemma by writing this blog topic.

Example: How to Select the Best Pest Control Company

Creative headline variations:
- 10 Tips for Selecting the Best [Pest Control Service] That's Perfect for Your Home
- What to Look for in a [Pest Control Company]
- Choosing the Right [Pest Control Company:] The Do's and Don'ts

3. The Benefits of [Your Service]

Sometimes, your target customers are not fully aware of the benefits your products or services would bring to their lives.

To educate them more on how your business could help them, it would be better to write a blog post enumerating the countless benefits of your products or services.

Example: The Benefits of Using a CRM

Creative headline variations:

- The Top 10 Benefits of [Using a CRM] for Your Small Business
- What Is a [CRM]? The Advantages of Using One
- Discover the Major Advantages of [Using a CRM]

Have you tried writing about these common blog topic starters? Please feel free to share your thoughts!