About Me

lem enrile freelance writer for hire
Do you need someone to assist you with your blog and web content writing projects? I can help you with that.

I am Lem Enrile, a freelance writer for hire based in Philippines.

I help businesses build content for their websites, and I've been doing it for 5+ years.

Here are topics that I cover:

1. digital marketing
2. entrepreneurship (ex: service-based businesses, internet and businesses online)
3. health
4. pets
5. home and family
6. lifestyle

Why hire me?

1. I write content that brings value to your readers.
- Check out my portfolio.
2. I craft content that follows the best practices of the web.
- I know my way around the do's and don'ts of web content writing.
3. I always make sure to meet or exceed my clients' expectations.
- Check out my testimonials.
4. I've been in the freelance writing business for 4+ years.
- I started in May 2012.

What are my freelance writing services and rates?

Please check out this page: Services and Rates

Ready to work with me?

Email me at ranxlem@gmail.com.